Intel / E2E Developer Experience

Mission statement Enabling developers to be fast[er] to the market, with an integrated toolset that manages the layered complexity of IoT product development. A web based development tool that provides a central point for synchronisation across the…

Intel / IoT

Exploration on IoT framework system

Intel / Autonomous Platform

Focusing on UAVs, an exploration on a usages for drone technology

iPod Cover

The Smart Accessory


Branding, logo marks, guidelines, identity


Online payment service, Japanese company

つい、盆栽 (Twit Bonsai)

Twit Bonsai - Japanese game application

Illustration works

A collection of drawings, illustrations, covers

Lab ~ Some little CSS3 / JS things

Some little css3-only illustrations, but also some little ui things and coding.

Triposo ~ The smart travel guide

Working on Triposo ~ The smart travel guide