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Based in London, Head of User Experience @Lansweeper. Previously Mention Me, Canonical Ubuntu, Intel (London); Triposo (Berlin); TransCosmos (Osaka); Wedoo (Turin).

I come from a family of painters, artists and art dealers from Florence and Turin. Since a young age I grew an interest in painting, drawing, and photography. I was also attracted by the digital computer techniques, with ancient 16 colours PC monitors where I used to mix up pixels in a digital pointillism in order to get other shades. I then continued to feed my passion with art, design, and graphic studies. I joined studios, agencies and cultural organisations cooperating to the creation of various artistic projects such as magazines, multidisciplinary performances, exhibitions, movie screening, and literature meetings.
I currently live and work in London, previously in Osaka, Berlin and Turin.


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- Jan 2012 . Seen . Circo Mitali' . Osaka, Japan
- Nov 2010 . Misc . Anni di carta . Torino, Italy


- November 2023 . ImageNation Paris . Galerie Joseph Le Palais, Paris, France.
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- Sept 2022 . 12:12 Project . Kaleid Gallery . San Jose (California), USA
The 12:12 Project is an international instant film collaborative that has demonstrated since 2013 the continuing creative power of fast-developing analog film.
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- Feb 2014 . 5周年展 . Circo Mitali' . Osaka, Japan
- Feb 2012 . 3周年展 . Circo Mitali' . Osaka, Japan
- Oct 2012 . 見るためのズボン展 . Circo Mitali' . Osaka, Japan


Personal publications

Se non conoscessi questo posto potrei essere ovunque . Berlin, 2014

Publications with my illustrations

Il Sogno di Giovanni . Torino, 2013
Firfilù . Torino, 2015
Breve ma veridica storia di una gallina . Torino, 2015


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