Before focusing more on UX/UI and interaction design I worked on many projects that involved brand design, in particular in Italy and Japan. This experience has been useful also for my work at Triposo, and other projects such as Pureca.

The method to create the image of a company or a product, communicating the idea and the concept through the brand, is a process that doesn't end with the logomark itself, but continues with clear guidelines and the application of the brand. In this progress usually there is a duality of imagination and reasoning, both equally important. It is a process that can be driven by a strong visual idea, or by a persuasive rational application.

The first step can be the definition of the keywords that reflect the company/product, and that will be translated in the concept, and in the logo mark itself. It is also common to proceed with some concept mood boards, to start to individuate the visual character of the brand. Next steps involve the ideation of the colour palette, the shape of the logomark or the logotype, the font to associate with the brand (or creating one ad hoc), and the guidelines. Guidelines are important not only to explain how the logo should be used on different media, but also as a presentation of all the work that has been done behind the logo mark.

PurecaGuidelines - construction part

Guidelines are also important to work on brands that already exist and that have a strong image. For instance working on a website of an existing brand, clear guidelines are needed in order to work on the visual with consistency, for the recognisability of the brand itself.

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